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2 Tips for Negotiating Everything in Your Life

In order to succeed in life, you need to negotiate life.

How do you negotiate life on a daily basis?

Real simple. All you need is 2 things.

#1: Just DO IT!

You ask for things outside of your comfort zone.

How do you do that?

Well, for instance okay, when you’re in a super market, a high end grocery store or whatever it might be, don’t be afraid to ask for a sample.

You’re spending the money there, you must taste before you buy.

When you go and buy a car, you always ask for the lowest interest rate possible, the lowest price possible.

Why? Because somebody else is going to do it.

When you’re in a clothing store, you ask for a discount.

Why? Because somebody else is going to get the discount that you didn’t ask for.

Everything in life is negotiable. The worst they can do is say no.

When someone asks me and they negotiate with me, I always say no.

But because they asked to negotiate, I give them some extra time. I’ll give them an extra day, I’ll give them an extra few hours, I’ll add in some time for them.

It’s respect.

So, life is always a negotiation. And the second thing you need is…

#2: Stay in Gratitude

Don’t be afraid to ask for anything at all — as long as you are willing to give back what you get in return.

So if you’re going to get a discount, make sure that you are in complete gratitude of the person that gave you the discount.

Thank you for the extra two weeks of coaching you gave me.

Thank you so much for throwing in the leather seats.

Thank you so much for giving me the discount on that jacket.

Why? Because the more you’re in gratitude, the more the universe is going to consistently give you the deal that nobody else is getting.

It’s not about getting over on people. There are many people who get over on people by negotiating.

They’re always thinking of it as a win.

I won, man! I got that guy in that store.

I got to get a discount.

To me, if I get any type of discount, I’m in full humility and I’m humble and I’m in thankfulness. Thank God for the chance to have a discount.

Thanking the universe for having a discount.

I’m making sure the person that gave it to me knows that I am in complete gratitude of that.

Because when you’re in complete gratitude, the universe will listen and pay it forward. You’ll continue to get discounts.

I get discounts wherever I go, the watches that I wear.

The cars that I drive.

All the clothes on my back.

I have never really paid that much for things.

I know when sales are in stores.

I know when to buy a car.

And I do it because I thank the person for helping me out. Because I want to make sure that they know that I’m in gratitude.

So don’t just negotiate to try to win and try to get by. Negotiate and be humble and be in gratitude.

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