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Be Kind to Yourself: The #1 Rule for Life

Be kind to yourself.

God, it bothers me so much when I listen to people not be kind to themselves.

Here’s an interesting statistic: did you know that people actually take better care of their cats and dogs than they do themselves?

People rip themselves apart emotionally, mentally, physically.

Be kind to yourself. It’s so important.

I’m always kind to myself.

I take care of myself physically. I eat healthy.

I take herbs.

I don’t drink.

I work out.

I get foot massages.

I get regular massages.

I drive a nice car that feels good on my body.

I’m kind to myself.

Do I do things that are not kind to myself?


I make a business mistake or a financial mistake, and I’ll beat myself up.

So I know what it’s like to not be kind to yourself.

But wow, being kind to yourself is ultimately what we have to do. Everything else in your life starts with that.

Being kind to ourself is realizing you’re not perfect.

Too many people walk around wanting to be perfect, and they rip themselves apart physically, emotionally, mentally.

So be kind to yourself, people.

You’re never going to be perfect.

You’re never going to be a perfect physical specimen, emotional specimen, or mental specimen.

So be kind to yourself. Life is full of mistakes, and life is full of loving yourself.

True love of yourself is being kind to yourself.

That’s all. Just a simple message today. Not a long one, but a very important one.

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