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Be Real When Dating Online

Are you somebody who paints a different picture of yourself on online dating sites or dating apps?

Maybe you shave a few years off and rationalize it and say, well, you want to be in a certain age group for search engines. Maybe you take angle shots of your face to take a few years off so you can’t really see exactly how old you are.

Maybe you just take pictures of yourself and put them online and literally just take them from the waist up.

Maybe you call yourself athletic and trim when you once were… but you no longer are.

Maybe you lie about where you live.

Maybe you’re one of those that are deceitful and not tell the truth about your relationship status, you’re  married and lie about it.

Welcome to the world of online dating, and the #1 mistake people continually make.

When you lie about who you are, your body type, your age, your relationships,  and other things, you’ll go out on a date and waste not only your time, but somebody else’s time.

Every relationship that starts out on a lie is doomed.

I know it’s easy to say that you’re actually 51 and not 41, and you just did it because, well, you want to be able to meet more people, and younger women or younger men are really attracted to you. You can come up with a great story about it, but still the other person (if they are a high vibrational human being) will think to themselves, what other lies is this person telling me?

What other lies should I expect down the road?

I know you want to lose weight, so you show up, well, heavier.

You’ve done it over and over again and it seems like every single date, well, stops and you need to go and find a new date again.

You’re the one-date wonder.

You get disappointed at the end of a date when the man or the woman doesn’t really want to kiss you. You wonder why in the first hour of the date it’s so awkward.

Then you’ll finally both relax.

It’s awkward because the first hour of the date the person sitting there is thinking to themselves I’m not attracted to this body type. You put up pictures of you in physical shape. The other person sitting opposite you is in physical shape. It’s the type of body that they enjoy and the type of body that they like, and the type of body that they desire.

At the end of the date, you just wasted your time, his time, or her time, and your time. You basically go home and once again you continue to go and try to find somebody else. Maybe there is somebody out there that, well, is just okay with you being or showing up heavier than your pictures.

Nobody is okay with that.

You’re just wasting your time.

Here is a novel idea for you…

Put up exactly who you are.

You may get less hits, you may get less matches, but the men and/or women that are attracted to your body type will show up wanting your body type.

Not everybody wants stick thin Kate Moss.

Or someone with abs like Brad Pitt.

There are all body types out there in the world and the majority of the world is actually overweight.

Really, if you show who you are, the man or woman showing up to meet and greet you will be excited because they already know what you look like because that’s the body type that they’re attracted to.

That’s what you need to do.

As in, that’s exactly what you need to do immediately.

Less dates, higher quality leads, showing up, someone is excited to meet you.

You’ll get a lot of second and third dates.

Stop lying. Don’t rationalize this and say, “just because everybody else does it, it’s okay.”

It’s never okay to lie about who you are.

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