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Become A Kissing Goddess With These 10 Tips

Whether you’ve kissed one guy or 100, I think it never hurts to have a refresher on how to kiss a guy.

That’s why I created this very silly video. About three months ago, I released a video with Steve, illustrating exactly how you sexy single ladies should touch a man. Now that video has since gone viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. Who would’ve thunk? So I’ve decided, for this video, I’m bringing in Steve’s girlfriend, Stefania, to teach you sexy single ladies how to kiss a guy so that he wants you even more.

Before you say, nah, Adam. I got kissing covered. I’m already a pro, let me share something with you: YourTango conducted a survey and found that only 52% of people think their partner is a good kisser. So…are you sure you fall into that category, or can you let me give you a few pointers on how to kiss a guy?

In this video and this article, I’m going to be talking about different types of kisses, how to kiss a guy, and how to be a better kisser when you’re dating men.

But I’ve got to warn you, if you are under the age of 18, please do not watch this video. It’s likely just a little bit inappropriate for you. (Hopefully, that warning didn’t do the opposite and make you decide to watch it! Come back when you’re 18!)

But if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or beyond, please watch this whole video, because I guarantee that this will change the way that you kiss a man forever.

Get a notepad handy, because you’re gonna want to take notes!

Your coach,

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Summary of How to Kiss a Guy

Ah, kissing. It’s the hallmark of dating, and a great way to communicate that you like a guy. Before I get into specific tips on how to kiss a guy, let’s go over the different types of kisses and when they are appropriate.

For starters, there’s the peck on the cheek. Now clearly, the peck on the cheek is really mostly for a friendly kiss, right? If you’ve known someone for a long time or if someone is a good friend, whether it’s a guy or a gal, you’re probably going to kiss them on the cheek.

But it’s also really good when you’re going out on a second date with a guy.

Let’s say you went out on a first date and didn’t kiss on that date. If you want to show interest when you see the guy for the second date, give him that peck on the cheek kiss. It’s going to boost his confidence and make him realize that you’re interested in him. Yes, you’ve agreed to go on a second date, but some guys will still wonder: Is she really into me? 

So by giving him that peck, it’s going to really help communicate your interest.

The second type of kiss is the peck on the lips. For me at least (feel free to argue in the comments below), the quick peck on the lips is really only appropriate if you’re in a long-term relationship.

Like when I see my girlfriend, Jess, that’s probably what we’re going to do, it’s just:

A quick peck…

An I love you…

That’s it. It’s a way to check in with someone you’re in love with and let them know you care, even if you’re in a hurry out the door.

But if you’re those early stages of dating, there’s really not that much place for that peck on the lips. Either you’re going in for a real kiss, or you’re giving nothing at all. So I’m not a huge fan of the peck on the lips for you women who are just in those early stages of dating.

Next is the quicky tongue kiss, where there’s not a lot of tongue, just a little bit of tongue, with the kiss.

Now the quicky tongue kiss is really for a first kiss. I think a lot of women get this wrong when it comes to a first kiss. If you’re sharing a first kiss with a guy you’re into, you don’t want to go from not kissing at all to then just sucking face for ten minutes.

It’s great to give him just a little bit of tongue, a little bit of lips, and then back away. This allows you to enjoy the moment and gauge his response. You’re not jumping the gun and giving him a full-blown tongue-down-the-throat kiss.

Which brings me to the final type of kiss, which is the tongue-down-the-throat, hardcore make-out kiss. By the way, my assistant in the video, Stefania loves this kiss.

Now when it comes to the hardcore make-out kiss, know that this may very well lead to sex, or at the very least, heavy petting. So use cautiously when you’re ready to take things further.

So now that we’ve gone over the different types of kisses and when they are appropriate and when they’re not appropriate, let’s talk about a few tips on how to kiss a guy.

There are several things to consider when learning (or improving) how to kiss a guy, including:

  1. Make sure your breath is fresh

  2. Be unpredictable

  3. Kiss him slowly

  4. Let him kiss you

  5. Kiss other places besides the lips

  6. Enjoy the moment

  7. Close your eyes

  8. DON’T rush it

Let’s look at each of these kissing tips in more detail, shall we?

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 1. First Things First: Your Breath!

This tip is fairly easy: make sure your breath isn’t nasty. Research from the Oral Health Foundation found that 35% of people find bad breath such a turnoff that they wouldn’t ask for a second date.

Look, I know some people just have ongoing breath problems and I understand that there are some serious medical challenges that some people are going through that cause bad breath. But barring that, if you’re not in that situation, then please, oral hygiene is so important when it comes to dates.

Please floss and brush your teeth, then do it again.

If you have the Sonicare brush, make sure you do all two minutes, then do it again before your date.

Don’t eat garlic or anything odiferous on your date because, I’m telling you, the easiest way to turn a man completely off from ever wanting to kiss you or be near you is stank breath.

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 2. Be Unpredictable

No one likes a lady who kisses like a robot. Same speed. Same effort. Instead, try being unpredictable with your kissing. Go from being fast and a little aggressive to slowing it down a little bit, to then maybe biting his lip (gently, please!), to then pulling away for a second (a great way to swallow that spit without being obvious), then maybe kissing his neck a little. Maybe move your head from one direction to the other halfway through.

Unpredictable is very, very sexy when it comes to kissing.

Now, this detailed instruction on how to be more unpredictable when kissing a man is more appropriate for a kiss when you’ve been dating a while. A first kiss might be a little shorter and exploratory as you get to know each other’s kissing style. But still, even then: mix it up.

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 3. Kiss Him Slowly

You are not in a race to get to the end of the kiss, lady!

Even if things get hot and heavy, it’s okay to slow things down, especially if you’re not ready to take things further than that kiss.

I know you’re in the heat of passion: there’s so much tension that has built up over time, with you wanting to finally kiss him and him wanting to kiss you, and you just want to ravish each other.

But please, slow it down a little bit.

You backing off from making that kiss take you both to the moon is going to make him want to chase you even more. It may seem silly to worry about him chasing you when you’re only having your first kiss, but you need to be aware of everything you communicate when you’re with this guy because it all adds up to how he sees you and how much he does or doesn’t want you over time.

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 4. Let Him Kiss You

I get it. You’re a grown ass woman and you’re not afraid to make the first move.

This guy may totally be into you taking charge, but you don’t yet know if that’s the case on that first kiss. Some guys like to be traditional and make the first move. They may feel their masculinity is threatened if you as the lady do all the heavy lifting on that date. Hey, don’t look at me! I’m a feminist!

 Unless you just absolutely have to be dominant in a relationship, it’s great to allow him to take the lead rather than you jumping on top of him and sticking your tongue down his throat. Save that kiss for when you’re more comfortable with each other and you know he’ll respond positively.

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 5. Kiss Him Other Places Besides the Lips

Hey, take your mind out of the gutter!

I was talking about the neck.

Kissing a man on the neck or even the ear is a great way to build even more intimacy as you start to explore each other’s bodies, but aren’t yet doing much more than kissing.

It’s going to turn him on, and it’s going to show him that you like sexual variety. I’m telling you, it’s going to drive him absolutely nuts.

That being said, maybe don’t kiss him on the cheek or forehead if you’re in the middle of a makeout session. Might send a confusing message!

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 6. Enjoy the Moment

I know it’s easy to get caught up in your head on a first kiss, but I encourage you to ignore that voice:

Am I doing this right?

Wow, he uses a LOT of tongue.

Does kissing on a first date make me seem slutty?

I need to pick up my dry cleaning after this date.

I don’t get Zen very often, but allow me to be here: just enjoy the moment. It’s just a kiss. There’s no reason to overthink it. This man is not going to judge your worth as a human being based on this first kiss. It’s more important that there’s chemistry and that the two of you connect than that you score an A+ on that kissing test!

How to Kiss a Guy Tip 7. Make That First Kiss Count

Now that I’ve told you to get out of your head, particularly with that first kiss, let me make you worry again.

It may be worthwhile to put your all into that first kiss: in a S.U.N.Y. Albany survey, 59% of men and 66% of women said they’d ended a relationship because the first kiss wasn’t great. That first kiss can be an indicator of what’s to come, and if it’s lackluster, it could indicate to your date that you won’t be very passionate in the future.

So try not to be nervous and go with the flow, using these kissing tips to make your first kiss a memorable one.

The Ultimate DON’T of How to Kiss a Guy: DON’T Rush It!

You may be impatient to get that first kiss over with. You may be so into this guy that you can’t wait to lock lips.

If you’re in a hurry, you might miss the signs that he’s not as excited about kissing you as you are him. And so you might lean in…

Gaze adoringly into his eyes…

Press your lips to his…

Give him a little tongue…

And open your eyes…

To see him pull away, a look of horror on his face.

You don’t want that, am I right? So rather than rushing that first kiss, pay attention to the vibes he’s giving off.

Is he touching your arm, waist, or face throughout the night? Has he been holding your hand? Does he lean in when you talk? His body language will tell you how into you he is.

But the fact is: he can be totally into you and still not want to kiss on the first date. Some guys take their time. They may not want to pressure you if they’re not sure you kiss on the first date, or they may want time after the date to reflect on how it went before taking that next step. That’s another reason why it’s good to let him take the lead when it comes to kissing.


Ready for your pop quiz on how to kiss a guy?

  1. Should you take initiative and kiss him first?

  2. Should you rush through that kiss?

  3. Should you order garlic pasta on your date?

  4. Should you analyze the kiss as it’s happening?

Right. The answer to all these questions is a resounding NO. You’re ready to get out there and start smooching, Sexy, Confi