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Drop The Ego, Embrace The Intuition

Ah that wonderful ego.

The all-powerful “I am,” which is what ego actually means.

We have a term for people: egomaniacs.

But, you never hear anybody call you, wow you’re an intuition maniac. Huh, what a novel idea that would be.

Somebody who follows their intuition and succeeds in life!

Somebody who has empathy for people!

Somebody who really, strongly enjoys connecting with human beings.

Somebody who feels and does things good for the good of their family, the good of the planet.

Somebody who is honest and open in all relationships, communicates the needs, wants and desires and feelings.

Somebody who makes decisions and sticks with it because it feels right to them. An intuition maniac.

An egomaniac needs to always have things their own way.

They love to have things their own way. They’ve got to be right at all times. They’ve got to prove other people wrong. They have to make sure things are done there way or no way.

But an intuition maniac?

They just go with the flow, and they know is going to deliver some incredible experiences for them.

Something doesn’t feel right, they don’t do it. If it feels great they will do it and embrace it. What an intuition maniac they are.

You don’t hear that, because we always like to talk about the asshole side of life and not the heartfelt side of life.

It’s a known fact that people would rather complain about something than talk positively about something. Ask people how they think their day is.

How has your day been?

A lot of the times you’ll get the answer: my day has just been okay, how has your day been?

Well my day has been fucking fantastic.

You see, I followed my intuition all day long and it was just great. Everything seemed to work out for me. When things didn’t work for me I just allowed by intuition to guide me. If I was wrong, I was wrong and I embrace it. I had a wonderful lesson today. God it felt so great.

Ask an egomaniac how their day is. Well it’s usually combative.

It’s usually all about them. Other people don’t fit in the equation.

Still, ego is one of the most beautiful things we can have. The ego is not all bad.

Don’t forget, the ego actually allows us to see things in lots of different ways. But not when the ego is a maniac.

The term itself is really crazy if you think about it. Egomaniac.

Well I don’t want to be called a maniac. You’re a fucking maniac.

Maniac is really not a good term. Even the 80’s song “Maniac” by Michael Sembello from Flashdance was pretty terrible.

But what about an intuition maniac?

That sounds a little bit better.

Somebody who’s crazy about following their intuition. Somebody who’s crazy about allowing their intuition to guide them. Somebody who’s crazy about doing right by themselves and others.

Why don’t we think about it today?

Follow your intuition over your ego and see what happens.

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