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Everyone Has A Story. Why Is Yours So Different?

Everybody has a story.

Yelp, for example, is great place for you to tell your story.

Tell your experience you had with this merchant.

Tell your experience you had with this restaurant.

Tell your experience you had with a hooker — no, sorry, that’s not out yet. That’s not called Yelp, that’s probably something else.

Anyway, everybody has got a story.

And I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of hearing it.

I’m so tired of hearing the stories.

Last week, I posted a podcast on cryptocurrency.

This guy had a story about it. Every thousand people, there’s five people that take all the other peoples’ money.

That was his story based upon it.

Meanwhile, I know lots of investors that have made lots of money in different ways.

You watch a sports game and there’s a story about why your team didn’t lose. So many people have that story about the Super Bowl last Sunday.

The Patriots lost as soon as Brandin Cooks got injured. Or, it’s all because Tom Brady missed that pass to Gronkowski.

You ask somebody what happened in their relationship and there’s ALWAYS a story about it.

Someone doesn’t go to the gym, and there’s a story about why they didn’t make it to the gym that day.

Meanwhile, today I did 35 minutes of intense cardio. That’s my story. I did it.

That’s what I love about Nike. Nike say just do it, so I just do it.

There’s my story. It’s a short story.

The longer the story, the more BS.

That’s my rule. Longer stories make for more excuses in the reasons why you don’t do something.

I really enjoy short stories that people have, because short stories are more interesting to listen to.

“Did you go to the gym today,” for instance.

“No, I did not. I was busy doing other things, but I’m going to go every other day for the next four days.”

Oh, there’s a short story, a story of I didn’t today, reason why and reasons why to go the following day.

It’s the long-winded stories that drive me nuts.

Did you go to the gym today?

“Oh, no I didn’t. It just so happened today I was going to the gym. I had my stuff in the car. But then when I got into the car, the phone rang, and then next thing you know, I had to take the phone call, even though we know no one takes phone calls nowadays, and because I took the phone call instead of just texting somebody, I missed my gym class.”

Was it the only class of the day?

“Oh, no. Not at all. I was going to take the next one, but then a friend of mine texted me and we got into a text conversation, which I still don’t know is a conversation, and I missed that class as well.”

Story, story, story, story, story, they just keep coming out all the time.

Aren’t you kind of sick of hiding behind yours?

I’m kind of sick of hearing them.

Whenever I work and I coach somebody, I’m constantly calling people out on their stories because most of them are bullshit.

Most of them don’t make any sense, and most of them are ways that you actually protect yourself from living the life that you want.

There’s a short story there.

Like I said the longer they are, the more BS floating in that story, the more crap we get to listen to, the more ridiculous those stories truly are.

Life is really just one big giant story.

One story after a time, one by one, stories just keep perpetuating inside our lives.

The question is, are you just going to do the story that I do?

The story of just doing something instead of making a story full of excuses and reasons why you’re not doing what you want to do with your life, in your life or about your life.

Those are hero stories, winning stories.

The Yelp stories, the Amazon stories, the relationship victim stories…

It’s just got to stop.

Aren’t you bored with it?

Because I am. I’m bored of hearing the stories. I’m really bored listening to them.

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