Happy Valentine's Day To Me

Are you single and want so much to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special, but you don’t have that someone special to spend the day of romance with?  You don't need anyone else to romance you or show you love, just ROMANCE YOURSELF. Instead of looking for ‘WE time’ with someone, you can focus on ‘ME time’ by pampering and showing yourself some much needed self-love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am sharing a few tips on how you can show yourself love and enjoy Valentine’s Day Solo Style.  

Tips for Women

As someone said, when you have love, you don’t need anything else. However, one needs to love themselves everyday. Here are inspiring ways for you to love on yourself this Valentine’s Day:

Flowers and Candy: Buy yourself the Prettiest Bouquet of flowers and your favorite candy.

Spa Time: Make an appointment to enjoy spa services.  An organic facial, aromatherapy spa, mani-pedi, and or a nice ravishing hairstyle.

A Good Book: Pull out that book you’ve wanted to read, but just haven’t had time. Go to your favorite coffee shop or that favorite spot in your home.

Netflix It: This could be the best time for you to watch a new movie or shows on Netflix. Cook A Gourmet Meal: Cook your favorite meal for yourself or invite other single friends over to enjoy good food. Set the table beautifully, light some candles with lovely music playing in background, and eat in style.

Getaway: Take a short vacation you longed for with a friend or alone. This is a relaxing time and a good way to reflect.

Shopping: Shopping is always a great idea, special occasion or no special occasion. Shopping is definitely fun.

Tips for Men

Fellas I can’t forget you. So, you too are single this Valentine’s Day. Well guess what, I have great tips to share with you as well, self love is not just for the ladies.

Night With The Fellas: Meet the guys for happy hour, or a steak dinner.

Treat Yourself: Splurge a little on yourself. Buy that watch that you really want, or the latest gadget you keep thinking about.

Sporting Event: Check to see if there are any sport events that are happening near you.

Attend a V-Day Event For Singles: During Valentine’s Day there are several events for Singles to enjoy a night out. This is also a great way to meet someone new.

Movie Night: This is a good night to take yourself to the movies. Grab some popcorn, your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy.

There are many other ways to show show yourself love on Valentine’s Day. Remember, you can’t be happy with someone else, until you learn to first be happy and love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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