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How Social Media Exposes Your Hidden Lies

I’ve met many people in my life.

They believe in authenticity, honesty,


They’ll tell you they never lie. But let’s put the pause button on that right now.

Everybody lies.

I’m going to tell you why.

They may not tell you a lie to your face.

They may not concoct some story (like narcissists do) that are ridiculous and false.

They may not create a false reality.

They may not lie in the way that we have defined what lying truly is.

Oh yeah, but they lie just as bad as everybody else.

Have you ever dated somebody like this?

They’ll tell you they were busy all day long.

They couldn’t call you.

They couldn’t text you.

They were busy with the kids.

They were with their friends.

They were working on a project.

They’ll tell you that story and they’ll finally get back to you at the end of the day and they’ll say, “Oh my God, today was crazy. I didn’t have a single moment.”

Well, they just basically told you a lie.

Because you follow them on Instagram.

You follow them on Snapchat.

You follow them on Facebook.

You’ve seen throughout the entire day that they’ve been posting pictures of their day.

The lasagna that looks so bubbly and good on their plate as they hashtag #lasagna.

How they included other people in the picture.

They even took the time to write a description. The time that they wrote a description could have been the exact same amount of time they could have used texting you.

They go to somewhere with their kids and they’re constantly posting picture on Instagram and Facebook of their kids for their fans, you know, sarcastic remark right there, or their friends to check it out.

They go out with their friends. They’re posting photos of their friends.

They’re tagging people who aren’t there.

They’re taking time. They literally told you they didn’t have the time to contact you, to say something to you, to talk to you, to clarify something. No?

They have the time. They chose to spend it on social media. Once again, social media is the biggest waste of time in the entire world. We’re constantly putting things up for people who aren’t even there. So instead of paying attention to somebody who needs some clarity, somebody you’re in a relationship with, they basically have told you that their social media posting of their cute, adorable kids eating lasagna at a beach escapade on a Saturday afternoon is more important than getting back to you.

They have lied.

That is a lie.

It’s a plain, old lie.

That’s what social media does. It allows us to expose people who truly are telling the truth (compared to people who are making excuses).

If you have time to post on social media, you have plenty of time to get back to the person who needs an answer from you.

You’ve got plenty of time.

Plenty of time to get back to somebody. Plenty of time to talk to somebody. Plenty of time to send a text to a loved one who may need clarity over something that’s going on.

You’re choosing to avoid it because you would rather post on useless social media so your friends who are sitting around also avoiding conversations with people can watch your little videos.

Watch your cute little pictures.

Look at the lasagna you just ate.

The lies we tell ourselves continue even more so in today’s modern era than ever before.

You see, if you felt like ignoring your boyfriend or girlfriend back in past days, you just didn’t call them all day long.

You went out and hung out with friends. You were actually present. You weren’t sitting there, staring at a phone, updating people via social media.

You were having full blown conversations that were uninterrupted.

When you got home that night, you would call the person up and go, “Babe, I am so sorry.”

“I’m so sorry we left the way we did this morning. I’ve been wanting to call you all day, but I was out with my friends and I was doing something with my kids and I needed to remain present.”

We accepted that answer.

Now, it’s a bunch of bullshit we’re getting thrown every single day.

We’re getting bullshit thrown on a daily basis when people are telling you they didn’t have the time to get back to you.

Yes they did.

They chose to ignore you. Back in the olden days, we didn’t choose to ignore. We had no choice.

Now we actually choose to ignore. And to be honest with you, it’s worse. It is really the worst form of lying we can possibly do.

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