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How To Make Money: 2 Reasons Why You Need to Do This One Thing…

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The biggest secret I can tell you in how to make money is to take a day off.

That’s right: take a day off.

The working seven days a week around the clock is going to do nothing but burn you out and not balance your life.

I remember during my workaholic days when I was building my business, I was working seven days a week. I was always proud of the fact that I would get up in the morning at 8:00 and start working right away.

I’d sit at my desk diligently and work until 10:00 every single night.

I felt a sense of a pride.

I don’t know exactly what I was doing all day long. Maybe I was eating, shitting, and breathing, dating…

But at that time, my relationships lagged and slacked. I’d meet people and never be able to give them the time to really balance out my life.

You want to make a lot of money? Take a day off to reboot.

I don’t care if you’re burning the midnight oil five days a week, six days a week. Take time off. Take time to reflect. Take time to rejuvenate.

Take time to get a second wind.

Take time to have a social life.

Because guess what you really need to do to make money… connect with other people.

You see, the greatest growth we can have is not the growth of our bank account, but the emotional soul growth we have when we engage other people.

It’s the growth we experience when we’re literally talking to other people on a daily basis. When we’re having relationships.

Relationships teach us so many things.

They teach us how to communicate better. They teach us lessons that we’ve needed to learn since childhood.

They teach us all about how to literally correspond and relate to other people.

They teach us lessons that we so need to embrace.

There’s so much that we learn through our relationships.

Yet, how are we going to have relationships if we’re not coordinating our time with other people?

Plus, down time is good time. Sitting around the sofa and just relaxing is needed.

In order to truly make a lot of money, you need to just relax some times.

Unwind, watch a stupid comedy.

Check out your favorite TV show, even do a marathon on it.

There’s plenty to watch on Netflix.

And in life, there are so many things to do and explore that will make you more well rounded.

I’ve had so many clients over the years who have been very successful, took no time off and then all of a sudden had to hire me to go figure out how to have a social life after so many years.

So, again, my advice is simple: take time off.

For at least 2 reasons:

  1. You need to take time to connect with people and be a part of the social world around you

  2. It’s a healthy thing to do.

Nothing in life can run nonstop 24/7.

You’ve gotta refill your gas tank. You’ve gotta recharge your batteries.

So take a day off.

Enjoy it.

Do something you love.

Broaden your horizons.

Take a walk.

Go to the beach, if you live near a beach.

Just take a day off, for God’s sake!!

In 2018, dating is more competitive than it’s ever been — download this free report to learn 6 proven skills to stand apart & succeed in the modern dating wo

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