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In Life, Everything is Avoidable

So you got into a car accident…

Do you realize that it was, most likely, avoidable?

Now of course there are accidents out there where, no matter how much you’re paying attention, there’s going to be the person who’s not and they’re going to cause an accident.

Okay, so put an asterisk next to that.

But, there are a lot of car accidents that are avoidable. Because, if you think about it, you may not have been able to avoid being hit by this person, but that person who was texting could have avoided the whole car accident. Why?

Because if they were paying attention, they would have avoided hitting you.

If they weren’t trying to time the red light and run the red light, they could have not hit you.

If they were actually paying attention and not looking back at their adorable child making an origami in the back for the hundredth time, they could have avoided rear-ending you.

If they didn’t look down at that moment at the text coming in, they would have avoided not hitting you, so you understand that really most things in life are pretty much avoidable if, for one, you pay attention.

Let’s go even deeper today, on an even deeper journey inside your mind.

How many of you had another child because you thought an extra kid would help the marriage?

Now, we’re all glad that the extra kid is here because the world needs all these extra people who are out there, and I don’t want to ever take away someone’s extra life that was out there, but the financial stress, the bickering with the ex, that’s really the big thing.

It’s all avoidable.

Oh, controversial subject I chose, that.

How did that resonate with you?

How does that make you feel, what I chose?

Maybe you were one of those children born of somebody who thought if they’d sprinkle another child on the marriage so the marriage would be better.

I bless your life.

I bless who you are, and you are meant to be here.

But, you have got to think:

If everybody made better decisions, half the world wouldn’t even be here.

That’s the bigger message. If everybody actually thought about things and actually avoided the relationships that they knew were not right for them and toxic, half the world wouldn’t be here. There would be no traffic in Los Angeles.

New York City would not be as congested.

There would be a lot more fish left in the ocean to eat.

There would be a lot less cars on the highway, so a lot less accidents to be avoidable.

Real estate wouldn’t be so expensive because there wouldn’t be so many people out there to cause, literally, real estate to go through the roof because there’s not enough places to live.

So if you think about it, if we just trust ourselves and made much better choices, we would be far better.

Most things are avoidable.

Remember that year you gained 90 pounds? Well, if you actually went to a therapist, got the work that you needed to get through the depression, instead of sitting there and eating Entenmann’s and Twinkies or Sarah Hines frosting or having Cinnamon Toast Crunch 24/7 or sucking down Mountain Dew or Coca Cola, you would have made a better decision!

And you wouldn’t be walking through life feeling so hard to breathe, not being able to fit into clothes.

This all could have been avoided.

We can get airy-fairy right now and just go, “Well, we were meant to do all this stuff.”

I love all that. They love to do that in California.

“Well, you were just meant to gain 150 pounds because it taught you a lesson.”

Well, let me tell you.

It was all avoidable, because if you fucking admitted to yourself that you were depressed — and you admitted that you weren’t feeling good, and you admitted you couldn’t handle the stress in life, and you could admit it that the kids are driving you crazy and you could admit that your marriage sucked, and you could admit that your job sucked — then you would have gotten therapy instead of finding it in a Twinkie or a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

When you go to the dentist and you had nine cavities from your Fruit Loops binge, that all could have been avoided, too.

When you start stressing about the bills that the dentist is sending you because of all the work you did in your mouth, that all could have been avoidable, too, if you just admitted the fact that you were one depressed person to begin with and you got the help.

Do you understand what I’m saying here?

Everything that we do can be avoidable.

So if you want to avoid being a victim in the future and having to go to the gym 75 hours a week to lose the 100 pounds or having to go and have your insurance rates higher, start thinking about your choices today, and start making the tough decisions to make your life better because everything you’re avoiding now is going to cause you pain in the future.

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