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Is There Too Much ? –

By Sarah Adelle | January 11, 2018

Is there too much anxiety in your relationship? When your relationship is riddled with anxiety it stands to reason that your relationship isn’t exactly healthy. The anxiety could be self-inflicted, meaning the one you love is not doing anything to cause it. Sure, you may think they are, but the reality is that your innermost fears are creeping in and invading your relationship. It is not up to the one you love to fix the issues you brought into the relationship. Those are your responsibility. You may expect them to make you feel secure, and they may use doing what is required to make you trust them. However, because your trust issues, or other issues, cannot be fixed by someone else, you have to find a way to let release them in order to have a drama free relationship. Anxiety in Your Relationship: Is There Too Much ?Your anxiety could be due to past hurts in a relationship. Let’s say one of your exes cheated on you. Now every time your significant other doesn’t text you back right away your anxiety starts to build. It may cause you to say or do inappropriate things that can damage your relationship. Emotional baggage that has not been dealt with can easily be responsible for the anxiety you feel in your current relationship. It is time to let that baggage go. It is not helping you in your relationships, on the contrary, it is hindering you in your relationships. Until you let go of it, it will poison your relationships. Your anxiety could be stemming from dysfunctional behavior that is going on in your current relationship. If the one you love is purposely doing and saying things that are making you fearful or anxious then you need to put a stop to that. Things will only get worse until you instill some fear into them. If they know your greatest source of anxiety is that they will leave you, yet are not concerned you would leave them, they either don’t care about you or are manipulating you. Whichever the case, you need to find out immediately because your relationship is headed for a dead-end anyway. Either turn it around or be prepared to have it end whether you like it or not. Relationships need a sense of equality in them, or the imbalance with throw the whole thing straight into the gutter. The only really way to handle too much anxiety in your relationship is to face it head on and either let it go if it is your baggage, or create change in your partner before it is too late.

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