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Men: Beware of Drunk Dating!

What if you go out on a date and you got out for a drink?

You try to limit yourself to one, maybe two, drinks.

So you have just two drinks and you, well… get loose.

You’re feeling a little sexual that night.

So you just have a little extra drink.

See, I don’t drink at all. And all my dates over the last probably 20 to 25 years have been sober.

Oh, I’ve still gotten sexual and I still had sex on first dates.

But, at least I did it under the complete knowledge of what I was getting into.

This is the Danger of Drunk Dating

It’s almost like when you go out and drink and you lose control of yourself, you stick your dick directly into a cocktail. Because that’s the first thing that the alcohol does: it wakes up your groin.

It makes your penis go hello, I’m here!

And that’s kind of, well, a wasted way of dating.

It really is. Because what happens is that your brain and your mind and your groin starts to open up.

You start to feel a little loose, so you start talking.

You decide to have another drink, because you can’t control yourself at this point, well, because once you start the alcohol consumption…

What Transpires Next?

You get all loose, they get all loose, your hands start to do the little touchy feely thing.

You feel the warmth of them next to the warmth of you and next thing you know, you’re drunk dating.

You’re drunk fucking, even.

So the very next day, you wake up and well, you feel a little guilty, judgmental.

You might call one of your friends up and say “I can’t believe it. We went to Mobile Bar and Grill, we had a few drinks and well, you know, it’s been a while since I had sex.

I just couldn’t really control myself at all.”

It happens a lot.

It happens a lot when people date.

If you’re going to drink, you can’t feel guilty the next day.

You Can’t Blame It On the Alcohol

It was you who took your pants off, it was you who got naked, it was youwho had the sex.

Maybe the alcohol lubricated and loosened you up more than before, but the fact of the matter is, you’re an adult.

If you can’t control yourself on alcohol, you should know and be aware of that already.

I can’t stand when people blame alcohol for the things they do.

They vodka made me do it.

Well, you’re an adult.

You’ve had vodka many times.

And this is not the first time you ever got drunk and had sex on date number one or had sex too early with somebody you were dating.

You already know this, but people tend to have short-term memory. Or, they just really want something to blame.

It’s really great to blame the alcohol, but in reality, it was your decision in the first place.

You made the decision to have sex with somebody, you made the decision to allow your penis to enter somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to go right away.

I get tired of people who make excuses for their life.

Alcohol doesn’t “make” you do anything stupid. You’re the stupid person who actually chose the alcohol in the first place.

So, control yourself.

If you know you get loose when you get drunk, don’t get drunk. Don’t agree to a drinking date.

You never heard of somebody who just got caffeinated and had sex.

You’ve never heard of somebody waking up the next day and go, “oh my God, you wouldn’t believe it, I had two cups of coffee and I went home and I had sex in circles four hours I was so jittery. God damn, coffee made me do it.”

You never hear that.

So, the next time you want to blame something, blame yourself.

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