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The Secret That No One Ever Tells You About Getting Divorced

For those of you thinking about getting divorced…


I’m glad you can take the steps to have complete freedom from a marriage that no longer works for you.

I honor that.

I honor that decision, and I understand you probably went through a lot of turmoil to get there.

You probably went through a lot of emotions.

You probably went through a lot of decisions.

Conversations with friends. Thinking whether or not you should do this. Thinking about the children.

There’s so many emotional aspects that go with getting divorced.

And Now… You Have to Hire an Attorney

Their job is to basically get one thing out of you and one thing only: Money.

If you think it’s anything but money, you’re absolutely wrong.

Think about divorce attorneys. They charge anywhere from $200 to $400 to $1,000+ per hour, depending on where you live and who they are.

Think about what’s important in their life.

They could care less about your happiness.

What do they care about?

The pool they want to build.

The house they’re buying.

The BMW they’re driving.

It’s a business to them.

Their business is to extract whatever money they can out of you, for as long as they possibly can out of you, so they can continue to have great financial success.

Divorce Attorneys Are NOT Your Friend

They’re never going to be your friend.

I’ve worked with divorced people for 20 years. I’ve never heard them say, “I got a divorce attorney and we are now amazingfriends!”

They don’t care. What they do is they prey on your emotions. They also know that you do not understand the system and the way it’s set up.

They explain the what-if scenarios.

You may have the greatest case in the world, but they will show you the one case just like yours in which the judge went in a different direction.

Their job is to keep you paranoid for as long as possible so you continually give them money for as long as possible, until they’ve extracted every dime out of you that they possibly can.

I know people who have gone through divorce and it cost them their pension.

It cost them their health.

It cost them all the money they’ve ever saved.

Did the divorce attorney feel bad during that process?

Not when he makes $0.5M off of somebody. It’s their business. Why would they feel bad? That’s their business model. Their business model is to prey on your emotions so you continually pay them over and over again.

They use legal terms you don’t understand, they write letters that they know test you.

They charge you for everything you do. If you sneeze on the phone, if you ask them how their day was, they’re going to charge you for asking. They’re going to tell you about their day, but don’t forget they’re charging you.

They charge you for every single thing they do. Why?

Because they’re just there to extract money out of you.

So, If You’re Thinking About Going Through A Divorce…

I highly recommend getting on a coaching call. A one hour call with me, who’ll help you through the process of negotiating with lawyers. The things to do, the things not to do, and how to understand the game that they play.

How do I know this? Because only one time in my life I’ve used an attorney. And it’s not fun. It’s a complete waste time and money and stress.

I never ever wanted to use an attorney because I know that that’s what attorneys do – they bill you by the second, by the millisecond, by the minisecond.

And they will bill you and bill you and bill you until you can no longer handle it.

But the REAL Losers Here are the Kids

Because here’s what happens during a divorce: The kids will eventually find out which parent was lying and creating the stress, and any chance of a good co-parenting relationship goes out the door because friends don’t do that to one another, so who are we kidding?

Once someone tries to extract money and energy out of another person, especially more money than they deserve, that will end the relationship forever. Friends don’t do that, but greedy, unethical people will do that, because so many people feel they deserve the other person’s hard work when they don’t have the skills to make it on there own.

The kids eventually will find out the truth about the parent who was doing the hustling of the other, so when you get divorced, think long term think about what will happen in 2 years, 5 years and 10.

Co-parenting will never end, but it’s easier when two people are friends.

And then all of a sudden, the only ones here being hurt are the children. Because their mom and dad decided to battle over money.

It’s usually money that they didn’t even deserve by the other person.

Think before you do things, because it’s all going to come back and get you in the end with karma.

Divorce can be amazing, because it can lead to a relationship with another person who loves and desires you the way you deserve.

Don’t hold onto negative energy and try to get even with someone. The truth will come out and the only winner will be the lawyers and their deep, fat, never-ending pockets.

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