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What Is Your Word Worth?

In life, all you have is your word.

And for some people, their word is a really cheap thing.

Recently I’ve been involved in some legal stuff.

In court, it’s like in the movies. They make you swear your word on the Bible.

Well, turns out that’s not as effective as we all thought. Because people will put their hands on a Bible and lie through their teeth.

Because their word is worth nothing. Not to you, not to them, not to God or the universe or whatever you believe in.

I’m not a big legal person.

I’m not somebody who believes in hiding behind lawyers. I’ve always been a handshake person my entire life.

Literally, in every business deal I’ve ever had I’ve had a handshake with somebody. I shook his hand, he shook my hand. Together, we built a business. Together, we destroyed a business. Together, we made magic. Together, we ended the magic. Whatever it was.

Has it worked for me my entire life? My one sheet, one page, quick easy deals, absolutely.

Have I been burned? A couple of times, but I’ve been far more successful than I’ve been burned, and that’s something that is truly important.

But recently, a deal that I had went south.

The person who would write e-mails and state that they would never ever try to hustle money, rip me off, or anything else has turned into a litigious nightmare. A very unethical human being.

One of the lowest forms of life that I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life.

A complete liar. Literally none of their words would match their actions.

The type of person who looks directly in your eyes and tells you one thing…

…and then makes up an entirely different story just to try to hustle a little more money out of you.

Somebody who has got no work ethic at all.

Somebody who talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk on any aspect in life.

Is it my fault for misjudging their character? Sure.

Am I 100% perfect as a man — so perfect that I’m able to judge everybody’s character? No.

Will hustlers and narcissists sometimes slip through the cracks of your life and give you a run for integrity? Absolutely.

Will some people come in and hype you like there’s no tomorrow? Yes, of course.

You feel like you’re with an equal, but you realize you’re with somebody who is one of the lowest vibrational pieces of garbage you’ve ever met in your entire life.

There are people like that.

There are people who would rather lie because they don’t want to work, and try to hustle money from others than actually go and build a career.

There’s a sense of entitlement with those people. They feel like just because they have done some things with you in the past, they feel like they’re entitled to it.

Most of the time, the venture that you did with them did not work out. Yet, they want to squeeze a little bit more out of you because they want to be able to live off of the money they think they can embezzle or extort from you.

There are extortionists all over the place. There are people out there who are not what they say they are.

There are women who will literally rip a man’s wallet to pieces just to shake out every last dime because that was their intention the whole time.

There are men who will literally do the same to women. Literally try to rip out every last dime. Get a women to fall in love with them and hustle the money out of them.

There are business dealings like that going on all the time when somebody comes in with their array of context.

Supposedly there’s all of the great things they’re going to do, and you find out they have the work ethic of an ant who’s been baking in the sun way too long and been stepped on by three kids and has one leg left and drags itself to the ant hill every day just to pick up and hopefully find the crumb.

Maybe not the best analogy, but certainly a creative one…

Dealing with somebody like this hasn’t really been fun.

You get to see someone’s true colors.

Their greed, their low integrity, the low vibrations that they have.

t’s amazing how the universe will present that.

The way I look at it when I’m dealing with somebody, a low piece of shit like this, is I tend to look at what lessons I needed to still learn.

Because yes, I’m far from perfect.

Instead of getting super angry — which is very easy to do — I look at the lessons that the person is bringing to me and I thank the universe for allowing me to learn what I still needed to learn.

As for the piece of shit that you’re forced to deal with, the person has got no integrity.

Who would lie to a judge? Who would lie to lawyers? Who lies to themselves every day? Who lies to their friends?

Well, that person has no problem with those things.

And there’s nothing you can do about that.

When a liar is lying, they believe their lies. They think their lies are true. They’ve convinced themselves that they’re true, but in reality that person will always get exactly what they deserve.

The universe is always watching.

And the universe will always pay back. So if you’re going through a rough time in life, and you’re dealing with a low life, low vibrational person, realize that you need to take the high road, not battle them on the low road.

All they know is the low road in life, and you can’t change that.

But it’s up to you to rise above, because that’s the spiritual reward in these kinds of things.

As for the material reward — actually getting back what this person stole or extorted or scammed out of you — well, I have some ideas there, too.

But we’ll save that for another post, another time.

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