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Why Has Dating Become So Negative?

I hear it from both, men and women, on a regular basis, there are no good men out there, there are no good women out there.

All women are this, all men are that. Generalizations that literally drive me crazy.

So why do some singles consistently make dating such a terrible thing?

Why are some so afraid of what can potentially be so great?

Is it because of FEAR?

Some people live their life in their head, so they’re constantly thinking about what could go wrong based on the things that went wrong in the past.

I could have looked at my dating history and said, well, you know what, I’ve been disappointed several times, it never worked out, so I am done with dating, I will just stay single.

We can all sit around and play the board game of my ex is or was worse than yours, and I am sure all would think they should win.

But why stop being who you are or become so negative when it comes to dating? We’ve all been disappointed and hurt. We’ve all dealt with bad people. We’ve all had relationships where people weren’t who they said they were. But this should not stop you from being hopeful or give up on dating.

Choose to move forward.

I’ve had some strange energy in my life, I’ve had some really interesting people in my life. I’ve had some great men in my life. And then I’ve had some mediocre ones in my life, and then I’ve had some, well, just down right terrible ones.

But isn’t that the law of averages? Isn’t that what we all go through, those that are still single,

and those of us who are now married?

Everyone has experienced disappointment or a broken heart,

But that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to find somebody great, and that everybody is terrible.

Because if I had thought this way, I would have never, met the AMAZING man this is now my husband.

I took the high road. When I was single, I always believed I was going to meet an AWESOME man, regardless of how bad the last experience was.

I truly believed that the next dating experience was an opportunity to be a great experience.

I didn’t compare a new dating experience to previously bad dating experience.

And yet, so many singles do just that. They compare a possible good person to an awful relationship or bad date they previously experienced, which ruins the opportunity for them to move forward in which could turn out to be a great dating experience.

Letting go of the past and moving forward is what makes life so EXCITING.

Think about it. Think about dating as an exploration. No matter how disappointed you were the last time.

Don’t take the disappointment or hurt out on the next person that comes into your life.

They don’t deserve it. So take time to heal from the previous dating disappointment, eliminate that experience/person from your life.

Throw them into the basement, lock the door, bolt the windows, and forget about them FOREVER.


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