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Meet Sharon Smith

Good Advice is key to good Result


Sharon’s ‘happily ever after’ experience was just the catalyst she needed to establish Love Match. Love Match is for serious, mature singles seeking real love and marriage.

In addition to being the founder of Love Match, Sharon is also a Certified Dating Coach. Her savvy coaching approach in areas of love, life, and relationships enable singles to feel confident in areas where they were doubtful before. Holding a B.S in Business Management and Human Resources, she has a successful professional career spanning over 20 years in Human Resources where she cultivates her expertise in interviewing candidates, assessing talent, and personnel development.​

Exceptionally honest, upfront, and down to earth; Sharon is the kind of person you’d love to work with. Her expertise includes:

  • Relationship and love dynamics

  • Factors to finding long lasting love

  • Insights only coaching and experience can provide.

  • Love behaviors and psychology

  • Emotions and relationships.

Quintessential Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Sharon Smith is a natural negotiator and a self-professed romantic. Her genuine interest in people combined with her unmatched passion for helping singles find lasting love exposes her to willing participants everywhere she goes.

The Successful Experiment

After a few crash and burn dates plus failed relationships in between, Sharon decided to try her hand at online dating, and a funny thing happened; love showed up.

Sharon and her husband can attest that love can and does occur through authentic online dating. From their initial contact to their first date, the chemistry was undeniable. A few years later, they would marry and have a beautiful daughter.

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